Why You Need An Elder Law Attorney

Elder law has evolved into an ever-changing landscape of laws and disciplines which continually evolve. At Slutsky Elder Law we guide seniors and their families through the ever-changing elder care landscape.

Protect Your Assets

At Slutsky Elder Law, we protect you and your family from the financial devastation of elder care costs. We can assist with basic estate planning like wills, powers of attorneys and trusts as a well as help you choose the right type of care, where is it provided and how to pay for it. We can help you access Medicaid as soon as possible while preserving the most assets possible. We can also assist in providing for that disabled loved one.

We can guide the family through legal guardianship and estate administration proceedings. Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad information on the internet or that well-intentioned family member or friend. You need advice specific to your situation from an experienced advocate who has seen your situation hundreds of times before.

As a firm with 25 years of Elder Law experience, Slutsky Elder Law can provide you with the sound advice and guidance that you need to confidently protect your family and assets from financial harm. We will guide you through the elder care maze. Not only will we save you money but we will use our experience to reduce your stress level.

Your Living Will

Another crucial element to elder law that we provide is assistance with living wills. A living will is a document which allows you to decide and make a legal declaration on whether or not you would like to be kept alive by artificial means, including feeding tubes, or other similar means. This is an important decision, as the person you named as your health care surrogate needs to not only understand your wishes, but be ready to carry them out as well.

At Slutsky Elder Law, we can help to streamline this process, simplify it, and make it easy to understand so you can be confident that your wishes are carried out.

For more information on our legal services, or to schedule an appointment for a consultation, call us at (610) 940-0650 or visit https://slutskyelderlaw.com/   

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