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A Medicaid Attorney looks at the Big Picture.

There are many factors to consider when undertaking Medicaid or Asset Protection Planning. Often the fear of losing all of one’s savings to the cost of long-term care overshadows the many important considerations in successful elder care and Medicaid or Asset Protection plan.


Medicaid is meant to provide for those who have lost the means to provide for themselves. It is a means-tested, poverty-based program. This means there are certain standards and limits regarding the value and type of assets you may have and still be eligible for Medicaid (Medical Assistance).  However, if you understand the rules, you can keep more assets and still be eligible for Medicaid.  At Slutsky Elder Law, we understand the rules and have helped hundreds of families in Chester County, PA, and nearby communities go through this challenging process over the almost 30 years we have been in practice.

When you speak with a Medicaid attorney from our firm, you can develop a strategy to spend down your assets as you prepare for your Medicaid application. A Medicaid lawyer can also help you strategize for the future so you can continue to receive the Medicaid benefits you need. While our main office is located in Montgomery County, PA, we also maintain offices in nearby areas including Delaware County, PA so we can serve you better.

Whether you need a Medicaid lawyer or a probate lawyer in Montgomery County, PA, Slutsky Elder Law is here to help. 


Often, people don’t consider the long-term effects of short-term decisions. Particularly with Medicaid and Asset Protection Planning, families are in crisis and worried about the needs of the healthy spouse and what will happen to the spouse if all the family funds are spent on the sicker spouse.  Will both spouses have a quality of life?  Will they be able to remain in the place they would like to live or receive care? What will happen to the healthy spouse or disabled or dependent child?  What about the legacy/ inheritance they want to leave to their children? Not all asset protection lawyers are prepared to answer these questions, but at Slutsky Elder Law, we have spent three decades advising families in Montgomery County, PA, and surrounding communities about important considerations like these.

Sometimes the care needs of the older or disabled adult child may be better served by paying more in the short run or focusing on priorities other than asset protection. Further, there are situations when spending more money on the front end can enhance overall care and quality of life overall for both partners. This can help them preserve assets while obtaining future eligibility for Medicaid (or Medical Assistance in Pennsylvania). In general, the conventional wisdom states the less you pay in taxes, the more of your assets are preserved. However, looking at the big picture, it can often be better to forgo some tax benefits to preserve assets.  Are there other family members or important parties whose care we need to consider?  Would they be harmed or benefit by the proposed asset protection plan?  Like all good planning provided by a Medicaid attorney, one must consider all aspects of the eldercare and asset protection plan including care level, care needs, types and values of assets, needs of the spouse and other family members (such as a disabled child, for example), tax consequences of the plan and other important information before settling on the right asset protection plan.

A well-thought-out and comprehensive Medicaid Asset Protection plan from your Medicaid attorney can address all the important concerns that matter to YOU.

Slutsky Elder Law understands all the implications of different planning options and can help you make the best decisions while addressing YOUR priorities and concerns, for you and your family. Get in touch with us if you need advice about Medicaid planning in Chester County, PA, or Delaware County, PA. Robert Slutsky has the experience that many other asset protection planning attorneys in the area do not, and you can count on him to help you develop the right plan today and for the future.

Professional Medicaid Attorney in Montgomery County, PA

Hundreds of thousands of people in communities like Delaware County, PA across the country depend on Medicaid to pay for their long-term care expenses, and when they need to ensure they can maintain their eligibility in the long term, they turn to asset protection planning attorneys for advice. Whether you are applying to Medicaid for the first time or you want to ensure you can continue receiving benefits, there are a number of specific conditions you must meet as far as income and assets. An experienced Medicaid lawyer can tell you more about these conditions and strategies you can use to meet them. The cost of long term care has risen rapidly over the past decade, but there are some ways you can protect yourself from these expenses:

  • Purchase long term care insurance before you need it;
  • Transfer assets to loved ones five years before you need to receive care;
  • Place your money in an irrevocable trust;
  • Hire an experienced Medicaid attorney to help you plan your estate.

If you are currently searching for asset protection lawyers in Montgomery County, PA, Slutsky Elder Law is the only firm you need to call. Robert Slutsky has spent his 30-year career as a Medicaid attorney focusing on the issues that are of specific concern to seniors and their families. When you need a good Medicaid lawyer, you can trust Robert Slutsky to provide the right advice for you. He can also assist you as an estate planning lawyer in Chester County, PA, so get in touch with him for all your elder law needs.

Susan McLintock
Slutsky Elder Law Firm was first recommended to me by a member of my uncle's Hospice team, and I can fully understand why. Rob and his staff were wonderful to deal with, from the first moment I got in touch with them. Rob helped guide us through complex issues during a difficult/frustrating time, while always putting the needs of my elderly uncle first. Everyone was very knowledgeable and responsive to any questions that we had. They were also patient and understanding with what needed to be explained. I would highly recommend Slutsky Elder Law Firm!
Patty Ewing
From the first initial contact to Robert, I explained my situation to him about my dad who has alzheimers and was concerned about his house. I had filed for medicaid without first consulting and never read the fine print, he was very compassionate, caring and very knowledgeable of the Elder care law, he assured me things would be ok. He made the transfer of the home very easy, He was always there to answer all my questions and concerns, I learned a very valuable lesson, before you consider filling out medicaid, or placing parents in a home please cosider consulting with Robert Slutsky, He made it very less stressful on myself and my father, I cant thank him enough,
Mindy Mozenter
I have had such positive exeriences referring friends and family to Slutsky Elder Law. I can't thank him enough for all his does for the Aging folks in our community.
My wife and I had been caring for my father, who was suffering from dementia. Eventually he became ill enough to require a full time care facility, and we needed to apply for Medicaid to cover the cost. His financial situation was extremely complex and we knew we would need help navigating the process, so we turned to Slutsky Elder Law for assistance. From start to finish, Mr. Slutsky stayed with us and was able to successfully get him covered. We would never have been able to do this on our own. I would definitely recommend Slutsky Elder Law to anyone seeking assistance in these matters.
Alan Prushan
Rob... Is a highly knowledgable and connected attorney in the Elder Care space. He provided our family with excellent strategies for elder care and asset protection. His contacts in the right places enabled us to effectively transfer an asset that had been in process for years. Rob is a caring individual who is empathetic and understanding of the emotions families deal with it addressing elder care issues. I highly recommend Rob and Slutsky Elder Law.
Allison Ballantine
We had an incredibly positive experience. The office was patient and extremely well organized. We felt like Robert had all the knowledge, along with a sense of humor and great manner we were looking for as we navigated some complex issues.
Leona Mangol
From the time of our initial contact with Robert Slutsky, Esq., we found him to be extraordinarily knowledgeable about all aspects of planning needed tied to asset protection and special needs as they relate to placement of my husband in a nursing home. In an early meeting, Mr. Slutsky was able to outline what I needed to gather as background material, as well as other issues that might require more discovery on my part. And, as the weeks passed, I was able to gather what was needed - for a full review with Mr. Slutsky, after which we put in place a planned target date as plans moved along. His wide overall knowledge of overarching Elder Law Issues enabled my son and I to capture a greater understanding of its broad and overarching aspects. Mr. Slutsky, along with his knowledgeable paralegal staff, gave great assistance with our needs and made our journey on this road much easier to handle. For all he does, and for all they do, I am eternally grateful.
My experience with Elder Lawyer, Robert Slutsky was nothing but positive. Mr. Slutsky was always available to answer my questions and concerns. He was compassionate and understanding during the most stressful decisions regarding the care of my husband. His advice, guidance and patience helped me the most. Mr. Slutsky understood the emotional stress and was always able to comfort me as well as give the best advice regarding the right decisions for my husband and me. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of an Elder Lawyer; Mr. Slutsky will guide and give the best advice regarding your situation. I am most grateful I had Mr. Slutsky to help me with the care of my husband.
laura murphy
Attorney Rob Slutsky is outstanding in every way, in not only meeting, but surpassing all expectations I had for an elder law attorney. Last year, when relatives tried to take away my long ago granted power of attorney over my incapacitated husband's affairs, Rob stepped in immediately to file an emergency petition for guardianship. He is always careful to follow ethical guidelines at all times, (which I can say as a retired lawyer, is becoming rarer and rarer in the legal profession). Mr. Slutsky negotiated a fair and reasonable settlement on behalf of me and my husband. He has excellent professional connections who give advice on all aspects of elder law and care, and he guided me to several superb liaisons to help me with difficult decisions. It is impossible for me to lavish enough praise for Mr. Slutsky's acumen, experience and immediate response to my and my husband's needs. I am very grateful to have found him to help me and my husband when we were most in need of legal advice. I can recommend his services without reservation.
Carmen Verrilli
Slutsky Elder Law was highly recommended to me by the Elder care program my mother was using. She wanted to take care of things ahead of time. Because my mother couldn't travel well, Mr. Slutsky came to her house. In less then 10 minutes, it was like having an old friend over. He made both my mother and myself feel very comfortable about what could be an uncomfortable situation. His recommendation and explanations made sense and he made sure both my mother and me completely understood all the details. When he left, we had a full understanding and knew exactly what was being done. Unfortunately, four months later my mother suffered a debilitating stroke. As she was on life support for a few days, I reached out to Robert and he again helped me through a most difficult time. He also assisted with the estate settlement and made the process very smooth. Handling all the details with the city, even meeting me at the Register of Wills Office to make sure I understood everything. Robert and his staff were always there when I needed them, always had an answer to my questions, always were very understanding and compassionate. The entire office was nothing but professional and most helpful. I wish more businesses operated like them.

Do you have questions about Elder Law or Medicaid Planning?

If you have questions regarding Elder Law and/or Medicaid Planning and the options available to you in the state of Pennsylvania, call Slutsky Elder Law at (610) 940-0650 to schedule a consultation today.