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“Heather is a wealth of information and is willing to help at the drop of a hat. “


“She provides great service and support to network partners”


“They have a comprehensive knowledge and expertise with contemporary issues in the elder care field in the Delaware Valley.”


“They’re a very professional organization that always strives to be client based combined with being warm and personable.”


“Very open and available to offer help, recommendations and answer questions. “


“Rob has been an excellent help with getting my Members affairs in order. It has given them peace of mind. They were most appreciative. “


” Wonderful team of lawyers- caring and well versed in Senior Law”


“Heather and Rob do a wonderful job guiding families of seniors. We never hesitate to recommend their practice to our patients and families!”


“great at offering important information, & easy to work with!”


“Personal attention, local and professional.”


“I highly recommend Slutsky Elder Law.”


“Competent, compassionate, professional legal representation. You can not go wrong with Heather Scurti or the Slutsky Elder Law firm.”

j clark

“Rob Slursky, Heather Scurti and the entire staff at Slutsky Elder Law are knowledgeable, efficient and thoroughly professional. Just as important, they are caring and make their clients’ interests their piority. —-Ken Milner”


“I strongly recommend Slutsky Elder Law. Rob Slutsky has a unique and in-depth insight into the rights of senior citizens, specifically, preserving income and assets. Getting the right advice before a tragedy or illness occurs, and preparing for long term care needs while you are still alive and can be a part of decision making is pivotal in helping to make the right decision, minimizing complications for the future.”


“Yes I do recommend Slutsky Elder Law. Rob is prompt with responding and knowledgeable about so many legal challenges and processes that my Residents and their families struggle with when navigating the long term care arena. Heather is so adept at networking and collaborates with a large group of Professionals and area resources to bring positive outcomes. They are top notch!! “


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