How Your Legal Needs Change as You Age

There are many reasons why a person might hire an attorney. Some need legal advice about business matters; others may need representation in court. In each case, it’s important to seek out an attorney with experience in the specific legal specialty that pertains to your situation. At Slutsky Elder Law, we specialize in helping older Americans sort out legal matters related to estate planning, asset protection, guardianships, and more. As you get older, your legal needs change; that’s why we have spent nearly 3 decades advising seniors and their families about the legal issues of aging, including incapacity, long term care needs/costs, how to protect their partners, children, and other people they care about.  We prepare the plans to protect your loved ones and ensure proper care, the documents to make your wishes known,  we review and advise families on the insurance coverage, and help avert and address the crises that occur as they age. Read on for more information about how your legal needs change as you get older.

Planning for Medical/Long Term Care

When you are young, medical care is not as much of a concern. While you might have health insurance or even carry long and short-term disability insurance, you may not have planned for other possibilities. Older people must be prepared for all healthcare-related contingencies, and your average health insurance policy or disability policy will not cover them. For example, a recent study by Genworth Financial showed that about 7 out of 10 seniors will need long-term care in a skilled medical facility. A long-term care insurance policy can help you cover those expenses but is not right for everyone and many policies today will not fully cover the cost of long-term care. You will also need to plan for other long term care situations, including:

  • Obtaining/Qualifying for Medicaid;
  • Legal incapacity/guardianships/power of attorney;
  • Advanced directives, also known as living wills.

Powers of Attorney

If you become unable to represent yourself in legal or financial matters due to an injury or illness, another person can be appointed to hold your power of attorney (be your “Agent”). These situations usually arise without warning, especially as you get older, so planning for them ahead of time can put your mind at ease and avoid the need for an expensive and intrusive guardianship action. There are several different powers of attorney that can be granted, and by speaking with an elder care lawyer in Delaware County, PA, you can get all the information you need to select a person who can be trusted with these responsibilities.

Leaving a Legacy

The older you get, the more urgent your need will be to make important end-of-life considerations. What will happen to your assets? How will your loved ones be provided for after you pass away? Will your family be able to afford a funeral? You can plan for all these situations and more by consulting with our estate lawyers in Montgomery County, PA:

  • Estate Planning
  • Wills and trusts
  • Estate Administration
  • Probate

Finding an Elder Law Attorney in Pennsylvania

If you are over 50, now is the time to start planning for the next several decades. As one of the first Elder Law Attorneys in Pennsylvania, Robert Slutsky has extensive knowledge and unique experience related to your legal needs. Call (610) 940-0650 or fill out the online form on our contact page to set up your consultation today. You can consult with our team virtually or at one of our three convenient offices in the Philadelphia area.

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