Although general practice attorneys have the ability to handle a senior’s legal matters, like planning wills, handling living trusts and estates, and addressing other legal matters, there is no substitute for a professional elder law attorney to manage these important tasks.

Slutsky Elder Law features the trusted Medicaid lawyer in Chester County with the specialized training, expertise, and knowledge of elder law that give us significant advantages over general practitioners. Here are five reasons why you and your family should hire an elder law attorney to help you plan for your future needs.

1. Protect You and Your Loved Ones From the Devastating Costs of Long Term Care

Attorneys who practice elder law are familiar with the crucial issues that seniors need to deal with, like long-term care, finances, and even housing problems. Issues such as these can have a substantial impact on legal matters, which is why they must be factored in while making critical legal decisions. Having an elder attorney for estate planning can help navigate these matters and protect you and your loved ones’ futures.

2. Get the Best and Most Appropriate Care for Your Older or Special Needs Loved One

Elder law attorneys specialize in handling legal matters for seniors. They guide them through making some of the most important decisions of their lifetimes, including care decision, financial management decisions and help them understand proper long term care and end of life care options. Ensuring that their wishes are respected, which can include preparation of wills, estate planning and administration, or revocable and irrevocable trust planning is essential to planning for the future.  Hiring an elder attorney means that seniors and their loved ones receive the advice that focuses on their specific needs from someone who has experience.

3. Get the Maximum Benefits Available for Your Specific Care Needs

Because they often have specific needs that are different from other age groups, or physical or mental conditions that can cause complications, seniors need to receive the proper care to provide them with the help they need. An elder law attorney has the skills to ensure these factors are considered and appropriately addressed. They can also help to determine competency and provide options n the case of certain medical conditions, like a terminal illness or dementia.

4. Plan Ahead to Avoid an Elder Care or Special Needs Crisis

An elder law attorney can help avoid an elder care crisis. In fact, an elder law attorney specializes in helping to prevent these crises because they coordinate their advice with elder care professional like social workers, case managers, geriatric physicians and financial planners as part of the planning process.

5. Why Should You Use Slutsky Elder Law for Your Eldercare and Special Needs Planning?

Offering 26 years of experience, Slutsky Elder Law has handled just about everything in Elder Law including hundreds of Medicaid applications, guardianships, estate administrations, and thousands of wills, trusts and POAs, and estate plans.

Let us put our knowledge, expertise, and experience to work for you and your loved ones by helping to plan for the future. For more information, call the premier Medicaid attorney serving Chester County, PA at (610) 940-0650 today.

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