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medicaid lawyer chester county paThe threat of losing all of your assets to long-term care costs can be enough to deter people from even considering Elder Care, Medicaid, or Asset Protection planning. While this can be quite overwhelming, the only way to alleviate this stress is by addressing the problem, preferably before it is too late. At Slutsky Elder Law, we will counsel how to obtain the best care possible while preserving and maximizing your financial assets.

At Slutsky Elder Law, we understand the rules that govern Medicaid and Asset Protection planning in Montgomery County, PA, and Chester County, PA, and want to help you preserve as much wealth as possible. However, money is not everything; quality of life matters. We will help you decide how to most wisely use your funds so that your preferences for care and quality of life are honored.

The Long-Term Care Maze

Asset Protection Planning is only half of the battle. Once the planning is complete and someone is eligible for Medicaid, then you need to file the Medicaid application. This is a complicated process with many points where problems can occur. Unless you have had experience with this process before, you should not do this without competent legal counsel. A denied Medicaid application can mean $11-15,000.00 per month of private pay nursing care that may come from you. Our services at Slutsky Elder Law include guiding you through the Medicaid application process and being your liaison with Medicaid. We can highlight problems before an application is filed and help get them resolved. This simply will not occur without experienced legal counsel.

If you need help with your application for a Medicaid, Asset Protection planning or general planning from a prestigious lawyer, please call Slutsky Elder Law at 610-546-2746.

Medicaid Eligibility 

Medicaid is a means-tested, poverty-based program, designed to provide for people who have lost the ability to provide for themselves. There are standards and limits regarding how much you can own in assets and still maintain eligibility for Medicaid assistance. There are legal and appropriate means to gain eligibility for Medicaid while protecting significantly more assets; however, you need experienced and competent legal counsel to protect these assets without violating the law. While last minute Crisis Planning can be done, as with everything else in life, planning ahead yields tangible benefits and lower stress.

Robert Slutsky, Esq. of Slutsky Elder Law understands the nuances of Medicaid eligibility and Medicaid law that tie into the decisions you are making right now.

Asset Protection 

Protecting your assets is of the utmost importance when it comes to preparing for your future and ensuring your comfort and safety. When you follow a well thought out plan that considers all aspects of Elder Care and end of life expenses, you are far more likely to live the life you want. Here at Slutsky Elder Law, we analyze:

  • Care Level;
  • Care Needs;
  • Care preferences;
  • Family Dynamic;
  • Family Resources;
  • Types of Assets;
  • Value of Assets;
  • Needs of Spouse and/or Children;
  • Prior planning priorities;
  • Tax Consequences.

We will assess these factors and other important information before settling on an asset protection plan for you. To schedule a consultation, contact Slutsky Elder Law.

Let Us Handle Your Medicaid or Asset Protection Planning 

Slutsky Elder Law is your Greater Philadelphia Area asset protection law firm. A comprehensive Medicaid or Asset Protection plan can change the course of an individual’s future and the future of their loved ones. Aligning assets and planning for future care needs should be done sooner rather than later.

We have assisted families in preserving their assets since 1992. We understand the implications of different planning options and offer assistance in making decisions for you and your family. If you live in Montgomery County, Chester County, Delaware County or Bucks County, and you have questions regarding Asset Protection planning, Medicaid planning, Special Needs planning or general Estate planning, please contact Slutsky Elder Law today by calling 610-546-2746 to schedule a consultation.