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AlexMilzer from Senior Directory Joins Slutsky Elder Law as a Guest Contributor

From turkey and gravy on Thanksgiving to the ball dropping on new years eve, the holiday season occupies nearly six weeks of the year. For some, the sound of jingle bells brings jolliness and exuberance, warming the heart during the cold months. For others, however, the bright Christmas lights are a flash of melancholy and stress, commonly known as the holiday blues. Below are several tips to not just survive the holidays but thrive in them!

During the holidays, it is easy to get caught up in looking at what we do not have versus what we do. Families shopping together at the mall, holiday romantic comedies, and even cheesy hallmark cards, can make us feel our lives are insufficient compared to others. The reality is there is no perfect life or family. So, instead of focusing on things that make you sad, concentrate on the things in life that bring you gratitude. It could be a simple as finding appreciation for living in a country with clean air and water or having a house with heat during the cold winter month. Little bits of appreciation will put the jingle back in your holiday spirit!

Don’t Wait Until New Years to Start Your Resolutions

Too often, people foolishly procrastinate their personal goals until after January 1st. Starting a new diet or giving up an unhealthy vice is commonly a new year’s resolution rather than a commitment made during the holidays. Sure, new beginnings are possible at the turn of the year, but why wait? Another year is passing, so make sure you head into the next year of your life aging gracefully! If there is a specific resolution that is going to increase your happiness today, then do not delay until the new year. So, quit that late-night bag of chips, and put down that pack of cigarettes, or whatever it may be, start your resolutions today and it will improve your holiday experience, ten-fold.

Hosting and Gift Giving Should Be Fun

Everyone has that one family member who stresses over every little thing during the holidays. Perhaps this could even be you? More than likely, holiday stress is derived from either hosting or gift-giving. It is important to remember that holidays are meant to be fun and lighthearted. Keep in mind you are not in some sort of winner-take-all holiday competition, so refrain from trying to make the perfect holiday experience. By taking the stress out of hosting and gift-giving you will not only save yourself a great deal of stress, but your family and friends will appreciate your positive energy, as well.

Celebrate Lost Loved Ones

For many, holidays are a reminder of loved ones who have passed and are gone forever. We are unable to hold them, wish them a Merry Christmas or Happy Hannukkah, and tell them we love them. Too often, the longing for passed loved ones creates the holiday blues. It’s important to remember that our loved ones would want us to be happy and enjoy the holidays.

Pay tribute to your passed loved ones by celebrating their life. Honor them by making this holiday season extra special to those who are living, by creating joy, peace, and smiles.

Don’t Ignore Your Mental Health

Sometimes what we feel is simply the holiday blues is actually a bigger mental health issue that needs to be addressed. Have you felt this way for quite a while? Have you been consistently struggling in some way? These are important questions to ask yourself during the holidays. You want to head into the new year with a game plan on how to live life to the greatest potential and make daily progress towards the person you envision yourself as. Don’t ignore your mental health during this holiday season. There are plenty of free national mental health resources you can turn to for advice, guidance, and even counseling. You deserve to be happy, so put your mental health number one, if needed.

Article by Alex Milzer with Senior Directory

Check out their website: www.SeniorDirectory.com

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