Feeling in Limbo in our Hybrid World

Jan M. Zacharjasz from Coaching for Resilience joins Slutsky Elder Law as a Guest Contributor

As we “fall back” into Fall #3 in pandemic life, we’re living in a hybrid environment. Many of us continue to work partially from home and partially in the office. We wear masks in some circumstances but not in others. We jockey between virtual get-togethers and in-person activities. So, what do all these hybrid experiences have in common? They put us in unfamiliar territory, require us to make continual decisions, and can be a recipe for worry and stress. So, how do we move forward in our hybrid world with the right blend of hope and vigilance? Here are several ways to forge ahead and fuel your fall with resilience.

Adopt A Positive Fall Mindset

Fall is a season of change, of new beginnings, of purposefulness. It’s time to ramp up as “summer hours” end, the new school year begins, and the new year even starts in some religions. It’s a perfect time to establish (or re-establish) healthy routines. Studies show that routines set a rhythm to the day and that it is good for your health to return to regular meals and sleep schedules. In addition, fall colors promote mental health and can boost your mood. Yellow brings out energy, enthusiasm, fun, and cheerfulness. Red may help improve your attention span and boost your confidence. So, embrace this season of new starts, do a reset, and take in and even wear the fall colors.

The Power of Persistence

During this time of new beginnings, it’s important to not just make goals but to follow through with them. Being persistent, despite obstacles, and taking pleasure in getting the job done, is key to your productivity, feeling good about yourself, and building your resilience. But what about those ginormous projects? How do you stick with them and not procrastinate? Chunk them down to smaller, digestible steps, reframe any setbacks as learning opportunities, and find yourself an accountability partner to stay on track. Research shows that it’s the frequency of small steps that gives you the greatest progress, making your project more approachable, less overwhelming, and more satisfying. Deliberate and steady wins the game!

Rejuvenate Your Sleep Routine

As the cooler weather arrives, take advantage of your body’s natural tendency to sleep more deeply. Studies show that our bodies adjust to standard time more easily than to daylight savings time. While we only gain one hour of sleep, the time change allows our bodies to recharge both physically and emotionally and causes us to feel sleepy earlier — not just on Sunday night! In addition, cooler weather helps you sleep better, clears “brain fog”, and research shows that good quality sleep helps reduce heart disease and obesity. So, instead of scrolling through social media, power down your electronics, read a book, draw a warm bath with Epsom salt, and crack the window for a great night’s sleep!

Resilience is all about positive adaptation through change. As you make your way through Fall #3 in pandemic life, it is important to keep fueling your resilience so you can forge ahead in today’s hybrid world. While we’re excited about living in a more open environment, we still need to be safe and vigilant as we rebuild more social lives again. Use this fall to start new initiatives, be persistent with your follow
through, and establish new healthy routines. For more strategies to fuel your resilience this fall,
click here for our FREE complete Fall Resilience Guide and for information about our upcoming signature workshop series, A Shot of Resilience!

Jan M. Zacharjasz, MS, PCC, CPC, founder of Coaching for Resilience, helps people in mid to later life gain courage and resilience through significant work, health, and family changes so they can thrive moving forward. A Professional Certified Coach, Jan provides individual coaching, experiential workshops on resilience, successful aging, and care for caregivers, and life purpose and energy assessments.

Jan can be reached at 215-380-9878 or jan@coachingresilience.com. Check out her website at www.coachingresilience.com.

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