Keeping Your Emergency Contacts and Medical Information Updated for First Responders

In an emergency, it is crucial that emergency personnel are able to easily access your medical history and emergency contacts. If you are severely injured or incapacitated, you may not be able to provide that information on your own. People living with dementia can also have difficulty providing this type of information if they become lost or disoriented. Having up-to-date information that can be easily accessed by others can save your life, so today the team at Slutsky Elder Law would like to tell you about a few free methods you can use to ensure your info is readily available to those who can help you.

Smartphone Apps

There are several different apps that allow medical personnel to access your emergency contacts and medical history, even if your phone is locked. Every iPhone comes preinstalled with a Health app, which you can use to input your details about allergies, blood type, emergency contacts, and more. After you input this information, you will have to select the option to make the app accessible from your lock screen. You can also choose the option to automatically share this information with the dispatcher when you make an emergency call.

If you use an Android device, you may have the option to enter your information in “Emergency Information” or “My Info,” under Settings. Remember to add your emergency contact information to your Contacts as well. You can also try adding your emergency contact info and medical information to your lock screen as a custom message.

There is another option available to everyone regardless of the phone they use, known as the ICE (In Case of Emergency) app. This app allows you to send an instant message containing your GPS location to all your emergency contacts at the touch of a button. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, ICE will let friends and family know exactly where you are so they can call for help.

The National Next of Kin Registry

This free service allows you to register yourself and your family members in a database that is available only to emergency services agencies. If you are in an accident, first responders can search this database to find your next of kin and notify them about the situation, whether you are in the U.S. or in 87 other countries. 

Elder Care Attorneys in Chester County

Giving emergency personnel easy access to your medical information and emergency contacts is a good way to achieve peace of mind no matter how old you are. Developing an estate plan is another. As an elder care attorney serving Chester County, PA, Robert Slutsky has spent decades advising his clients about a range of matters related to estate planning. If you need advice about Medicaid asset protection, wills, powers of attorney, or any topic related to elder law, his advice will prove invaluable. Call Slutsky Elder Law at (610) 940-0650 or fill out the online form on our contact page to request a consultation with one of the most experienced elder law attorneys in the Chester County area.

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