When you are choosing a lawyer, it is important to pick one that is proficient in the legal specialty you need advice about. When you need advice about elder law in Bucks County, PA communities like Doylestown, PA, Robert Slutsky is the right choice. As an elder law attorney for 30 years, he has extensive knowledge and experience with the legal issues that affect seniors and their families the most. Rob was one of the first in the Doylestown, PA area to establish a focused elder law firm, and today he’s ready to put that experience to work for you.

Whether you are interested in writing or reviewing your will, designating someone to hold your power of attorney, you’re applying for Medicaid, or you need advice about anything else under the umbrella of elder law, you can count on Rob to provide the best legal services and advice in the Doylestown, PA area. Call (610) 940-0650 today or fill out the online form on our contact page to schedule your consultation with a top elder care lawyer serving Bucks County, PA.

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The Difference Between Guardianship & Power of Attorney

One of the most important elder law considerations is who will hold your power of attorney. Many of the people we speak to at our elder law firm serving Doylestown, PA, think guardianship is the same thing, but it is not. What it boils down to is choice. Guardianship is a legal relationship initiated by another party in which they claim you are not capable of handling your affairs. This can include determining living arrangements, making financial decisions, medical decisions, and investment decisions. If a Bucks County, PA, judge agrees that you are unfit to make these types of decisions, they can appoint another person to make them for you. That person may not even be a member of your family or someone you trust!

If that doesn’t sound like an ideal situation to you, and most would agree, other options exist. Luckily, an elder law lawyer can help prevent you from having to submit to a guardianship arrangement. By hiring an elder care lawyer and appointing someone to hold your power of attorney before you are determined to be cognitively impaired, you can ensure that the person making your decisions for you is someone you trust to have your best interests in mind. Whether you are looking for a professional in  As an elder law attorney, Robert Slutsky can serve as your guardianship lawyer in Chester County, PA, or Bucks County, PA so you can rest easy knowing you will have the right elder law care for them no matter what happens to you.

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Helping Seniors Plan for the Future

No matter how old you are, the time to speak with an elder law attorney is now. If you wait to write your will or designate powers of attorney, you or your family could end up in a difficult situation down the road. At Slutsky Elder Law, our caring and compassionate team specializes solely in providing advice and representation to people planning for old age. If you want an elder law lawyer serving Doylestown, PA with 30 years of experience, Robert Slutsky is the right choice for you. Just ask any of our clients in the Bucks County, PA area; they will tell you that we came through for them when they needed an elder law attorney. Call us today and we can do the same for you.