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Middle-aged Adults are Sandwiched in Between Aging Parents and Kids

America is faced with an aging population and a generation of adults who may need to take care of their parents, while caring for the children and young adults in their household. Demands on the sandwichers are increasing as they seek support with senior care issues.

Parents are living longer than ever. Through the advances of modern medicine, more complex health issues are being managed by the medical community. The sandwichers are becoming the primary caregivers, as well as consumers of what their parents need.

According to AARP, 85-90% of seniors want to remain living in their home even as their needs for assistance with activities of daily living increase. In addition, a large number of seniors reside in the home of a loved one. The size of the sandwich generation is growing. Women are especially affected by having to care for elderly parents and their own children. Many have had to adjust their careers by missing days of work, shortening their hours or leaving their jobs.

In addition, according to a nationwide Pew Research Center survey, roughly half (48%) of adults ages 40 to 59 have provided some financial support to at least one grown child in the past year, with 27% providing the primary support.

Home Care agencies can assist with offering information about how to pay for services and explain what Medicare will cover. Also, Home Care agencies will coordinate your coverage with long-term insurance carriers.


This article was provided by Senior Helpers located in Pottstown, PA. They provide services in Northern Chester County and Western Montgomery County Region. Sherron Trio and Tracey Carr from Senior Helpers may be reached at 610-323-0460.