New Year Wishes


New Year Wishes

And Thoughts of Gratitude

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my clients, colleagues and friends for all that you have given to me in 2016.

New Year WishesAt this time of year I look back and reflect on how lucky I have been. I am blessed to have a wonderful, loving wife and two great kids, clients who I genuinely enjoy and friends who make life that much more fun. 2016 was a busy year professionally and personally and 2017 looks to be the same. As those of us in the elder care field know, life is a marathon not a sprint. There are and have been ups and downs but when I look back I see how I have benefitted incredibly from the relationships I have developed. To my wife who has supported me through caregiving, the deaths of loved ones and other health issues. To my children who give me a reason to act better and continue to push forward when I want to stop. To the colleagues who give me perspective and knowledge in areas that I lack. I say thank you.

To my clients. I have said it before and I will say it again, I learn so much from my clients. They are the spouses, children and friends who step up to the plate and do the right thing. I am a so much better person because of the examples set by people who are going through incredibly difficult life experiences and still manage to show the best in humanity. Because of them I am a better caregiver to my mother and was able to be a better, more understanding caregiver to my father and brother when they needed it. These wonderful examples along with a solid helping of Jewish guilt have helped me become a better person by trying to come close to the generosity exhibited by these people who expect no thank you and do what’s right because it is right. I really cannot express how these relationships have affected me. I am not yet as good as I want to be but I will keep trying because of the example set by these incredible people.

2017 is likely to hold a lot of unknowns given the current political landscape. But one thing I do not is no matter what changes come down the pike, we are all in it together and that does give me some comfort. And I will go forward in that journey knowing that negativity gets nothing done and that is not the example I want to show to my children. Positive thinking alone will not change the future but positive actions will. I look forward to many positive actions going forward.

So wishing all of my family, friends, clients and colleagues a wonderful holiday season and a truly happy and healthy 2017. And I look forward to seeing, talking to and emailing you in 2017.