Most of us are aware of the approaching holiday season, particularly Thanksgiving. At least the person in your gang who is in charge of the menu details is pondering this.

Now a couple stories may play out in some families during this time. For those of us who have to marshal this culinary three-ring circus, it may be a reminder that we are not as young as we used to be. Thanksgiving is a monumental amount of work to pull off properly. It can become an endurance contest and none of us are as spry as we used to be. Sometimes a big family event becomes the straw that breaks the camel’s back. You ponder change! Escape from the big rambling house and someone else to cope with the darn turkey and all the trimmings.

For some extended families, the trip home to Grandmother’s house (aka your mother) may expose some shifting fibers in your family fabric. Maybe you haven’t been home in a while, and suddenly you see things going on that you weren’t aware of. Maybe the house maintenance is no longer up to snuff. Or maybe there are piles of unpaid bills that are not being attended to. Or maybe the house doesn’t quite smell of sage and cinnamon? Such changes can seem especially pronounced for those who only see their parents occasionally, like around the holiday season.

These may all be indications that it’s time for a change, time to look into the next chapter of life, maybe with a hope of a simpler lifestyle.

Either of these scenarios may lead you to appreciate the gifts that a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) can bring to your circumstances. This is a realtor who has additional educational training in order to be aware of these sensitive issues and can help resolve the quandaries this segment of life presents.

We are SRES agents. We maintain a network of people and companies we believe to be the best of the best for the benefit of our clients. They can include professionals such as an elder law attorney, a home stager, organizers, haulers, move managers, and auctioneers. In this process it is important to have access to people who have an eye and an appreciation for varied collections that you may have such as trains, porcelain, vinyl records, antiques and art work. We carefully guide you to good solutions that match your needs, personality and budget.

We are fortunate to live in an area that has so many housing options to be considered for seniors. As SRES agents, we are well versed in the myriad housing options from rentals to 55+ rentals, from condominiums to townhomes, to 55+ communities, to continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), and memory care communities. We will never recommend any person or place that we have not visited and believe to be true to their publicity. We want to know how it feels to us. Would it nurture our well-being?

As SRES agents we understand the significance of your long-held, long-loved family home. We strive to maximize the value of your home while minimizing the risk to you as the home seller. We understand what today’s home buyers want and we use this information to help you distinguish your home in the marketplace.

If you’d like our professional opinion and personal attention, please call us. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you and your family.

Together we offer experience and guidance to move forward.