Marty Sherman from Sherman Insurance Consulting, LLC

Joins Slutsky Elder Law as a Guest Contributor

Which way should you go with Medicare?

“Medicare” is Health Insurance that is available for people 65 and older. Also, it is available for people younger than 65 who have been on “Social Security Disability” for 24 months. However, it doesn’t cover everything. One is well advised to choose something in addition to “original ” Medicare to allow for additional coverage.

In order to decide which plan is the “best” one for you it’s a good idea to get better informed as to how Medicare works, what it does do, what it doesn’t do, what the rules are and what your options are. Everyone has different needs, lifestyles and budgets. And everyone’s health is unfortunately not the same.

So “education” is key. Once you get informed as to the rules and how the different plans interact with original Medicare (along with the associated costs) you are better prepared to make an “Informed Choice”.It’s confusing (even for the well-educated) so it makes sense to seek the council of a good “Medicare Advisor” whose job it is to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the “Medicare world”.

There are basically two paths one can go. You can choose a Medigap plan or you can choose a Medicare Advantage plan and they work very differently. Some plans are more or less “guaranteed” and some require Medical Underwriting depending on when you are ready to make the decision. In addition, there’s the matter of your prescription medications. “Bundled Plans” come with a drug component and others require you to purchase a “stand-alone” drug plan.

Once again, those who get advice from a good adviser are better prepared to make the right decision for themselves.

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