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What is elder law or elder care law? Elder care in the legal context is the conventional estate planning people do when younger, but with a twist. When people ask me to describe an elder law attorney or an elder care attorney, I tell them that it is an estate planning attorney on steroids.elder law montgomery county pa

As people age their estate planning needs change. When one is younger, and in the asset accumulation phase, their focus is income protection and ensuring the financial security of their spouse and child. We discuss wills, powers of attorneys, trusts for the children, life insurance and disability insurance. When people get older, there are different priorities. It is assumed that for most of the older adult population, unless a child is disabled, obligations to support your children no longer exist. Now, the focus is on accumulating or preserving your assets for your retirement/quality of life/healthcare.

Unlike 25 years ago, even upper middle class older adults do not need to worry about federal estate tax as it only applies to estates of $11,000,000.00 or more. Today the biggest risk to retirement is cognitive impairment and the devastating costs of long-term care. As a Chester County Elder Care Attorney, Robert Slutsky has guided families through the process to mitigate the effects of cognitive impairment and to preserve and protect your assets as you age.  We know the care options and we know the system.

Additionally, Montgomery County Elder Care Attorney Robert Slutsky has 25 years of experience helping families in crisis. He understands that even the best plans do not always play out as expected and that you need someone who has represented families in over 300+ guardianships, 300+ Medicaid representations/applications, administered over 300+ estates and has written thousands of wills, powers of attorney and trusts in his 25+ years of estate planning and elder care practice in Chester, Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks and Philadelphia Counties.


Slutsky Elder Law is home to the premier elder care attorney in Montgomery County, PA, and Chester County, PA. When planning for elder care, we often devise two plans: an asset protection/management plan and a healthcare management plan.

Asset Protection 

When Robert Slutsky, your elder care lawyer, helps you in planning to avoid financial devastation, he considers not only the financial aspects of the plan but the different types and levels of care, the preferred location of care, and the availability of family support to ensure not only asset preservation but making sure your wishes and preferences are honored as closely as possible.

The average cost of a non-medical home care aide is $24.00 per hour in Southeastern Pennsylvania. A personal care home is $4-9,000.00 per month.  A nursing home? $10-15,000.00 per month. These numbers are downright scary and can decimate even a $1.0 million plus estate and put the comfort and care of a healthy spouse at risk. Often the healthier spouse has less choice because the spouse that needs care first uses much of the couple’s funds. But caring for the healthy/surviving spouse is only part of the puzzle. Some people also have a disabled or dependent child who will be at risk unless there is a plan in place to preserve assets for his or her care. Others simply want to leave a financial legacy to their children and grandchildren to remember them by. Without forethought and planning, none of this will occur. And if a crisis does eventually occur, having planned ahead will make the crisis more manageable.

Elder care attorney Robert Slutsky will be there for clients to assist with the crisis implementation, spending down in the most cost-effective way and getting the Medicaid application filed and approved. We do not abandon our clients, but instead, hold their hand through what is often a stress-filled and challenging process.

Healthcare and Financial Management 

Long-Term Care Planning is another step in the process. But this process starts with the basic planning all adults, older or not need. One of the biggest risks that has both financial and non-financial implications, is the inability to make safe decisions for oneself. This is not just a decision to execute a durable power of attorney. It is the discussion about what you want, who you want making medical and financial decisions for you and how much authority you want to give those decision makers. Starting this process at an age where one is of sound mind is critical to allowing individuals to have as much control over the final outcome as possible.  Regardless of your age or health, this type of planning is just as important as the financial piece.

Our other healthcare management services include guidance for:

  • Legal Guardianship
  • Cognitive Impairment Management

Ideally one should execute a financial and healthcare power of attorney naming a trustworthy agent to make safe and responsible decisions for you if you cannot. This will grant a given individual the right to control one’s financial assets, allowing the individual the ability to sell real estate, manage legal battles and organize payments on behalf of the person giving them power (the principal). They also give someone the ability to authorize necessary medical care (or withhold it if that is your choice under certain circumstances), psychiatric care, and make appropriate choices as to where you will receive care. For more information on these essential services, visit the Medicaid planning and Estate Planning pages. Failing to plan ahead means that you may need a legal guardian to make decisions for you if you have not executed an effective power of attorney and not are cognitively impaired. This is avoidable in most cases and should be avoided if at all possible. Guardianships are expensive and restrictive and create unnecessary conflict.

To learn more about your elder care attorney in Chester County and Montgomery County, contact us today. We’re available to answer any questions about elder care legal issues and are open to scheduling consultations for those who are interested in our range of legal services. Our phone number is 610-546-2746. We look forward to hearing from you!