Colleen Consolo on Getting a Divorce

Colleen Consolo from Consolo & Harbison Law Firm Joins Slutsky Elder Law as a Guest Contributor


Getting a Divorce?

Going through a Divorce can be difficult at any stage in life.  Each stage of life has its own pitfalls and issues that are unique in the divorce process.  When approaching or at retirement age there are many aspects that apply, which would not be an issue otherwise.  You’ve planned your entire life for retirement and now you are looking at dividing your marital estate in some fashion.  How does one prepare for this eventuality?  What are the best means of dividing your property to assure the ability to maintain your retirement?  There is no one answer, as every case has to be viewed differently.  But here are some facts/tips that you need to think about when contemplating divorce.

If the pension is already in pay status, will you handle this as income, and formulate a resolution that involves alimony.  Or, will you want this to remain an asset and divide it accordingly?  Did you have a career that involved not paying into Social Security?  Did you know that can affect the value of the pension you may be dividing.  If you are collecting Social Security, were you aware that is income that could be subject to a support order?

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