Colleen Consolo from Consolo & Harbison Law Firm Joins Slutsky Elder Law as a Guest Contributor

                                                            Custody and/or Adoption

Have you taken custody of your grandchildren for any reason? Do you know you can pursue support as the custodian of your grandchildren? When filing for child support, your income is not taken into consideration. You may also want or need a custody agreement or court order to be able to enroll the children in school and/or place them on your health insurance. There are many benefits to having a Court Order in place, such as enabling you to travel with your grandchild, enrolling them in sports and other activities. If there is a need for medical treatment you would not have to find the parents to obtain their consent. Every case is different, so you may want to come talk me to find out what we can do for your situation.


Are the parents out of the picture? Do they come in and out of the child’s life such that there is no consistency? Are you doing all the parenting? If so, have you thought of adoption? There are benefits to adoption if you are collecting social security and you have no means of pursing support through the parents. If you adopt you would be able to collect a benefit for the adopted child(ren) as your legal dependent(s). This also avoids the situation of a parent returning months or years later and taking the child back, when that may not be the best for the child.


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